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So last night I reached a point of despair about ever fitting appropriately into the shirt that I had worked so hard on customizing for my Ryouma cosplay. Even losing a lot of weight (I’m down 25 pounds since starting my diet ~50 days ago), I wasn’t losing it in the places where I needed to (primarily my stomach) because I have an odd form of weight distribution for a female-bodied person (I gain and carry weight primarily in a similar pattern as to average male-bodied persons). 

So after a few panic attacks and breaking down sobbing twice (no seriously, if you have extreme anxiety AND are a freakish perfectionist, don’t get into cosplay), and with much love from my lovely support system of borrowedphrases curryjolokia and greenbuster, I decided to just fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The solution was gussets put in to the side-seams of the shirt. I used an old ribbed tank-top I had that I would never fit in or potentially ever wear again. 

It looks EXTREMELY ridiculous on it’s own (never mind without my white undershirt, heh) but seeing as Ryouma is literally never seen without his consultation coat, that’s not a problem at all. 

Now the shirt doesn’t gap between the buttons anymore! Cosplay success! 

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    And this is one of those sewing situations in which you have one option, as Tim Gunn would say— The truth of the matter...
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    Looking great!!
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