Everyone Else: Leo no

Leo: Leo YES!

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25 lives
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"It’s only that—well, I’ve been a bit worried about him. I was hoping he may have talked to you."

"Why would he talk to me about—” She favored him with her best friendly-but-skeptical smile. “—Jedi business?”

"Senator—Padme. Please." He gazed into her eyes with nothing on his face but compassion and fatigued anxiety.

"I am not blind, Padme. Though I have tried to be, for Anakin’s sake. And for yours."

"What do you mean?"

"Neither of you is very good at hiding feelings, either."


"Anakin has loved you since the day you met, in that horrible junk shop on Tatooine. He’s never tried to hide it, though we do not speak of it. We… pretend that I don’t know. And I was happy to because it made him happy. You made him happy when nothing else truly could.” He sighed, his brows drawing together. “And you, Padme, skilled as you are on the Senate floor, cannot hide the light that comes to your eyes when anyone so much as mentions his name.”

- REVENGE OF THE SITH: Star Wars, Episode III by Matthew Stover


I’m having all the Sengoku Ryouma feels, even though I don’t watch Kamen Rider Gaim.

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Atreyu <3

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                                  ~ 1 screenshot 1 episode ~

                                       ~ Sengoku Ryōma ~

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Me: I love my OTP so much! They're so adorable!
Brain: Yes, I suppose they are cute.
Brain: It would be a shame-
Me: NO
Brain: *Makes several aus in which one or both of them die*

Less Than Light Years - [ToQger Fic - Zett/Right - G - 1800 words]


Here is a little fic about a nice traintrainger and an emperor of darkness and how I have great hopes that they might someday fall in love. And that there’s a chance for that sweet emperor to get the sparklysparkly he wants so much!! But actually as usual this is very close to gen so if you want more romance. stay tuned. >o>

Now that I have used tumblr mobile, I sincerely hope nobody is viewing this post on tumblr mobile. u____u


Less Than Light Years

There’s no such thing as a last train on the Rainbow Line, but sometime in the small hours of the morning, the wheels slow until the cars nudge each other to a halt. Maybe it’s not every night, only nights when someone’s awake. Mio’s got a theory that it’s harder for the train to run in darkness, that it needs imagination on the level of dreams to power through until dawn, and after watching Akira work, Tokacchi thinks maybe the train needs to stop for repairs, but it makes perfect sense to Right that the train would just stop sometimes, not for any particular reason.

Tonight he is awake and thinking about the stars, looking at the glow-in-the-dark ones they all bought to stick on their ceilings. He wants to see real stars, and as he thinks this, the gentle side-to-side swaying stops and he gets out of bed.

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now that was acting

in reality Sano Gaku’s abs could repel a nuclear bomb, a box of ducks, and, oh, Neptune

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AU where it was Jounouchi who became an Invess instead of Hase.

<Hey, happy birthday…>
<I’m at Drupers if ya want…>
<I’ll treat you.>
<I hope you’re out of Zawame.>
<I hope you’re celebrating your birthday safely.>
<I miss you, stupid four-eyes.>