Just a few snaps taken by Jesse Sparks at Sabaku Con 2014. :)

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The Keeper Thief Cosplay




oh my god the answer is no that is unfair too perfect aaah

Gaimus and OOOses? :)

I did the Gaimus for Simon just now so OOOses it is! 

otp: Kazari/Uva ^3^ Catbuggggg
favourite canon pairing: Ankh/Aisu 
worst pairing ever: Kazari/Ankh. No. 
guilty pleasure pairing: I don’t know if I have one of those for OOOs! 
a pairing you want to see more: I love Date/Gotou, I want more of that. 
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: idk man I don’t ship a lot of OOOs :O 

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otp: Do I have just one? Not really. I have an OTP for each of my favorite characters (Kouta/Micchi and Ryouma/Takatora). I OT4 them as well, all hail RyouTakaMitsuKou! I also ship Citrus (Ryouma/Kouta). 
favourite canon pairing: Ryouma/SCIENCE, clearly
worst pairing ever: Kaito/Zack without Peco. ILLOGICAL, DO NOT APPROVE. 
guilty pleasure pairing: Okay, no, this one is Citrus. 
a pairing you want to see more: Hase/Kouta! I really really ship that. ;n; 
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: Kaito/Kouta hahahaha no thank you oTL 

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this is it this is the cosplay of Baldr I wanna do 8D 

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the whole like “you’re too young to be gay” shit like.  queer people arent like pokemon you don’t level up enough to evolve into a gay.

shit I did something wrong then

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how about we do the ships thing?

put a fandom in my ask and i’ll answer:

  • otp
  • favourite canon pairing
  • worst pairing ever
  • guilty pleasure pairing
  • a pairing you want to see more
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” 

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when you try to push up your glasses but forget you took them off so you just kinda hit your face

I only ever do this when I’m in bed reading because otherwise I DEFINITELY notice that I took my glasses off because I am THAT near sighted BUT

(i’mma about to make this post about Gaim, be forewarned)

I have all of this headcanon about Ryouma needing glasses when he was younger (this stems from the Kusugoku headcanons, obvs.) and that he gave HIMSELF lasik-style surgery to remove the need because he doesn’t have time to be HALF BLIND HALF OF THE TIME, and he pulled it off though Takatora flipped shits when he found out because YOU SHOT LASERS AT YOUR OWN EYES? 

But anyway now I’m imagining Ryouma smacking himself in the face periodically for a month or so until he remembers that he doesn’t wear glasses anymore 



Kisaragi-Gentarou’s Golden Week Tokusatsu Giveaway Challenge!!!

This Giveaway Challenge spawned from 2 things – My desire to have a giveaway and my general dissatisfaction with the lack of fandom available for all us Toku slash fans. I’ve wanted to have a giveaway for a while, but I didn’t want to seem like one of those people begging for followers by giving stuff away. I was very close to having a quick giveaway available only to those already following me as a thank you when one of my OTP customers gave me a brilliant idea.  She mentioned her own sadness over being a fan of a relatively unpopular pairing and how she would give away her extra doujinshi of that pairing to whoever wrote her the best fanfiction for the OTP. I’m doing things a little differently, but it inspired my ideas for my first Giveaway Challenge!

So what exactly am I proposing? Hopefully this will make some kind of sense~!

Write a fanfiction or draw a fanart for one of the following Tokusatsu OTPs I have listed. I am offering no other guidelines or restrictions, though I do recommend fanfiction be over 1000 words and in the English language for serious consideration. It is not a hard limit if you think you can impress me with less~! Smut is NOT required (and in the case of Hikari/Right please nothing rated higher than PG-13 as I firmly head canon that they are 7 years old mentally). All entries must be written for the contest and not be pre-existing works. The entire point of this challenge is to increase the fandom output and have more wonderful Toku slash for everyone to enjoy!

How To Enter

1)   Create a fanwork of your choice and post it online for the fandom! Please be sure to mention it was written for ”Kisaragi-Gentarou’s Golden Week Tokusatsu Giveaway Challenge” wherever and everywhere you choose to post it. It must list this in notes of the fanwork to be a qualifying entry but you can choose to post it wherever you like! Tumblr, deviantart,, AO3 or all of the above!

2)   Send me an ask with the link to your newly published work!

3)   Reblog this post and tell all your friends!

4)   Be my friend and Follow Me~! All of us Toku fans should be sticking together anyway~!

Please keep in mind you may make as many contest entries as you want! Posting the same new fanwork multiple places still only counts as 1 contest entry! Steps 3 and 4 only need to be completed once ever and will qualify all subsequent contest entires as you repeat steps 1 and 2~!

The deadline is April 29th, 2014, which is the first day of Golden Week! This coincides with my trip to Japan where I will be purchasing prizes during Golden Week for the winners! I am attempting to purchase the prizes at Super Comic City 23 which is May 3rd for Tokusatsu fandom~! Winners will have 24 hours once initially contacted to provide me with their prize preferences or I will contact the next winner on the list~! Please feel free to send me an Ask with any questions you may have regarding the contest rules~!!! 


Don’t lie, I know that’s why y’all are here still~! XP

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a brand new ToQGer morpher with the red train and a fandom prize package~!

TWO HONORABLE WINNERS will receive a fandom prize package~!

What the hell is a fandom prize package? I’m so glad you asked! I wanted to cater the prizes to the winners after their hard work of writing and drawing such amazing stuff! I will notify winners and ask them a few questions in order to build them a unique prize package~! Winners may ask for any character or pairing, not only the ones in the contest.

1)   Favorite character – 1 to 3 characters you would like cute swag of. Feel free to rate your preferences.

2)   Favorite OTPs – Please try to give me 3 pairings you would like doujinshi or character swag of.

Please note doujinshi really only exists for the last 5 years or so of Tokusatsu, so if you have your heart set on Showa swag I’m happy to find stuff but expect keychains and figures and not doujinshi~! Winners are welcome to request a type of prize they would like, but no promises! It is based on what I can find while in Japan~! The more current it is, the more cute swag there will be~! <3

Example Prize Package – My favorite is Souji and my OTP is Ian/Souji~!


These 2 are super easy to shop for, and the example shows a good variety of the types of swag available. All prize packages will not match these items exactly~! Please note that anything pictured is from a previous Comiket and would not be available even if you did request Souji and Ian.

At the end of the Golden Week Tokusatsu Giveaway Challenge I will post the Winners with links to their winning fanworks and pictures of their fandom prize packages~! Please note that winners will need to be willing to provide a shipping address so I can mail them their winnings~! I will ship internationally~!

The OTP list to work from~! Order of names is purposeful but switching is always accepted~!

Hikari/Right (max PG-13 rating please~!)









King/Ucchi (Please spell Ucchi’s name UCCHI it’s a sore point of mine »)







Ankh/Eiji (Please keep Ankh the seme or Power Bottom)










I’ll Stop Breathing Too - ToQger fic! Very light and fluffy Right/Hikari, as far as I know still canon compliant. Written for Kisaragi-Gentarou’s Golden Week Tokusatsu Giveaway Challenge !

Trey: I thought I kept all my dystopian literature on the same shelf.
Simon: ...Our house isn't like other houses.